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2011 Winter Run – Day 13

All is well with our Universe.  Easy day of low stress rapids and eddies and floating past polished granite walls.  Visited Elves Cavern and some did a slot canyon hike.  Again a great meal and fun around the campfire.  Much love to those back home and look forward to Diamond where Sandy joins us.
Ian Elliot…

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2011 Winter Run – Day 11

All’s Well that Bails Well

Day 11 on the river and a long one. For me (Maria Coryell-Martin) it was my first full day on the river and exciting as we covered 17 miles and bounced through 14 rapids. The day began at 91 Mile Camp and ended at Lower Bass Camp and I spent the day with Cece in the lovely wooden Flavell wooden boat. It was a wet ride and I was grateful …

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2011 Winter Run – Day 10

Day 10         Feb 10 2011

With an early start from lower Creation Camp.  Hazel and Conan took two inflatables and ferried our four mid trippers to Pipe Springs Creek.  There Chris, Marion, Sabette, and Jason began their hike to the Rim on the bright Angel Trail.  The rest of our group stopped at the boat beach above Bright Angel to get water, make phone calls, charge some batteries and then went on to Phantom Ranch …

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2011 Winter Run – Day 9

Day 9 started as any other — coffee call at 7:30 and breakfast at 8:00.  Then clean-up and pack the kitchen.  Pack up your gear and load the boats.  We launched about 9:30.  It was cold and there was a slight breeze blowing up stream.  I was partnered with Arnie for the day in a self-bailing boat so it looked like an easy day.  In the early afternoon we came to Hermit Rapids.  The only

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2011 Winter Run – Day 7

Our journey continues deeper into the heart of the Canyon…

Leaving Little Nankoweap Camp, the flotilla of boats meandered down the mighty Colorado River for nearly 16 miles today.  The canyon really opened up as we left the Marble Canyon, and we were able to catch a glimpse of the Desert View Watchtower as we entered the more open expanses.  Viewers at this watchtower would have wondered looking down upon the three historic vessels ply …

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2011 Winter Run – Day 6

Short day, short shorts

So what is daily life like on a rafting trip? Kitchen crew starts at 7:00, coffee at 7:30, breakfast at 8:00, then cleaning up, breaking down of camp, dragging the rafts out into the river, loading tables, chairs, propane, stove, fire pit, food, water, wine and numerous bulky heavy personal bags onto the rafts. With everything securely attached, we shove off. Today we achieved this in record time and were off …

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2011 Winter Run – Day 5


We awoke on day 5 to a remarkably warm-feeling 37 degrees.  In retrospect that sounds quite chilly, but after three consecutive sub-freezing nights, it was quite a relief.

Our first stop was Vasey’s Paradise – a large spring that gushes out of the redwall hundreds of feet above the river – where we replenished our water jugs.

Then it was down to Redwall Cavern – a large cave in the …

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2011 Winter Run – Day 4

Found Can, Susie versus Rock

Another cold morning gave way to a “warm” sunny afternoon.  Ahhh the sun!  Temps were only in the 40’s but compared to the previous days’ cold and wind, today felt almost balmy.

We left North Canyon camp after a delicious breakfast of eggs, ham and muffins to boat what they call “The Roaring Twenties.”  This section of the river gets its name from the large number of moderate sized rapids …

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2011 Winter Run – Day 3

Rocked in House, nailed Narrows.

We started in the shade at camp an amazing breakfast of pancakes, blueberries and bacon (thank you Pam and Cece).  Boats loaded and we are head down to scout “House Narrows”.  It is so interesting to be around so many experienced people and to hear them talk about the water, to see the water and then to actually to run the rapids.   A nice leisurely launch in the sun where …

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2011 Winter Run – Day 3

Friday, Feb 18, 2011

12 year reunion

Today looked stormy most of the day, with some clearing late in the afternoon…little did we know what was ahead. But, we loaded up the boats at OC’s. Chris Forsyth from Rich and Todd’s trip came over with his life jacket, and he rowed the GEM to Back-eddy, then hiked back to his camp. Our float into the Muave Gorge was quite. We stopped at 145 Mile on …

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