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Follow our 2014 Grand Canyon river trip on our daily blog


PT “Pat” Reilly, Moulty Fulmer and Brick Mortenson discuss final plans before their launch in 1957 on the highest water ever run – 126,000 cfs. Tomorrow we all depart for Lees Ferry to put in the boats.

On March 25, 2014, river runners from five Western states, Canada, and Japan,  will ready three homemade boats, replicas of important historical designs, attempting a twenty-four day self-guided traverse of the Colorado River through Grand Canyon. The replica boats represent a snapshot of river running in Grand Canyon during the 1950s and 1960s, just before Glen Canyon Dam took control of the Colorado River through Grand Canyon.

Using satellite communication we will attempt to upload a message of the day’s activities and events.  We are expecting very low water releases from Glen Canyon Dam so these boats and their rowers will be tested on water levels that their designs a half century ago would have rejected and gone home.  Helen Howard will documenting our good runs or flips, boat repairs and river runners stories on a daily post.


3 Responses to “Follow our 2014 Grand Canyon river trip on our daily blog”

  1. I’m looking forward very much to coming to the launch and assisting with personnel exchanges during the middle of the trip. I’m especially looking forward to hiking from the rim to the river and back with only a day pack. What a nice change that will be from the usual 50 lb I find on my back while in the Canyon, and I appreciate the group hauling my camp stuff all the way through the Canyon so I don’t have to carry it in!

    • Arnie Richards
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    • You are doing so much to help Arnie that I wonder how we would manage without you!



      • pam
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  2. I’m looking forward to following this year’s trip from afar (not as good as being on the trip but way better than nothing)–good luck, everyone, and enjoy your time on the river.



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