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HRBA films and events

Over the next months there will be opportunities for you to see one or more of the historic replica boats and hear all about their amazing history.  Dave Mortenson and Tom Martin will be traveling different paths with presentations across many parts of our western states.

Those of you in warmer climates of California and Arizona watch here for our schedule of presentations as we finalize everything for October and November.

Sawyer Oar Awards

Dave Mortenson and Greg Hatten both wrote about our HRBA 2012 trip and won!  They each have gift checks to spend at Sawyer.  Dave will spend his on oars for future HRBA boats.  Follow this link to read all about it.  http://www.paddlesandoars.com/NewsLetters/Sawyer_Newsletter_45th_Anniversary_Winners.html

And go to this site to read all the stories that sawyer recognized.  http://sawyerstoryblog.blogspot.com/

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