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2011 Winter Run – Day 4


Found Can, Susie versus Rock

Another cold morning gave way to a “warm” sunny afternoon.  Ahhh the sun!  Temps were only in the 40’s but compared to the previous days’ cold and wind, today felt almost balmy.

We left North Canyon camp after a delicious breakfast of eggs, ham and muffins to boat what they call “The Roaring Twenties.”  This section of the river gets its name from the large number of moderate sized rapids from river miles 20 to 30.  Along the way near river mile 25.7 we parked the boats and hiked up the river bank to search for the spot where P.T. Reilly and crew had stopped to repair his Susie R in 1957.  After only a little searching we were able to find the exact spot and replicate many of the pictures taken there on that trip.

All of the replica boats performed impressively well through this tricky section of river, and their passengers were kept busy bailing, especially after 24.5 mile rapid.  The Gem, rowed by Tom Martin and carrying our trip leader, Dave Mortenson, was filled to the oarlocks giving him a good workout with the bailing bucket.  Unfortunately the Susie R suffered the first replica boat injury of the trip just before pulling into camp at South Canyon.  It collided with a sharp rock on her starboard chine creating a 3 to 4 inch splintering hole causing her to take on a little water.  The damage is nothing that its builder Ian Elliot can’t patch though.  Interestingly, the 1957 trip suffered a similar mishap at the same location when the Flavell, rowed by Brick Mortenson, struck a rock and had to be repaired on the very beach on which we are now camped.

As I write this the group is chatting around a glorious fire waiting for another delicious, hearty meal to fill our bellies.  And just downstream we can see Vasey’s Paradise flowing out of the redwall.  Not a bad place to spend the night, if you ask me.  I do miss my lovely wife, Angie and sweet little boy, Leo though.  I can’t wait to see you both in just a few days!

Signing off on Day 4,
Jason Wesley


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