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2011 Winter Run – Day 3


Rocked in House, nailed Narrows.

We started in the shade at camp an amazing breakfast of pancakes, blueberries and bacon (thank you Pam and Cece).  Boats loaded and we are head down to scout “House Narrows”.  It is so interesting to be around so many experienced people and to hear them talk about the water, to see the water and then to actually to run the rapids.   A nice leisurely launch in the sun where we rocked ‘House Narrows’ and then off to the next portion of the river where some people took photo’s at the ‘Rock Boulder Narrows’.  It is totally unbelievable to think that only a small portion of that rock was sticking out in 1957 and to see the drift wood that has been there since.  We got to camp at North Canyon – the best by far.  The temperature has risen and there is next to no wind.  A group of us hiked up the canyon – it was so nice to move the legs at a fast pace and the scenery was so beautiful (right out of a book).  The graduation of rocks and the slot canyons coupled with the ice and green grass is a sight.  My first night off – so nice to leisurely set up camp, take a wash and change the clothes.  The mood is good .  We had ‘Mexican’ food for dinner and we are all sitting around the camp waiting for the brownies to cook and taking small sips of the wonderful wine and tequila brought on the trip.

Signing off Sabette – hello to all my friends and family in beautiful ‘British Columbia’  Canada.


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