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Mid-Way Photos


I just got a snail mail from the rafters with these photos to share.




5 Responses to “Mid-Way Photos”

  1. Appreciate your (mystery person) posting these. Wish they could be enlarged – the boats are gorgeous.

    • Carol
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  2. Fabulous pictures! So great to see Mom & Dad in action!

    And that camp kitchen… what a set-up!

  3. Thank you for posting these photos! Great shots!

    • John West
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  4. Hello! What a treat to see some photos before the trip is even over – thank you!

    My bag is packed. Cannot wait to see you all soon :)

    Hugs to Hazel – it is so good to see you in a photo!

    Safe travels,

    • Elmira
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  5. Good to see the great pictures. The stories are great posts! Thanks.

    • Marge Hatten Childress
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