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2011 Winter Run – Day 3


Friday, Feb 18, 2011

12 year reunion

Today looked stormy most of the day, with some clearing late in the afternoon…little did we know what was ahead. But, we loaded up the boats at OC’s. Chris Forsyth from Rich and Todd’s trip came over with his life jacket, and he rowed the GEM to Back-eddy, then hiked back to his camp. Our float into the Muave Gorge was quite. We stopped at 145 Mile on the left in the sun for lunch. Zach’s trip passed us heading for Matcat. After lunch we headed on to Upset. At this water level “Upset” is not too Upsetting, and we all had good runs with LoL Q filming and Dave taking photos from the shore. The hard hulled boats all stopped at “Ledges Camp”, also called “Reilly’s Roost”. It was here in 1999 that Dave first told Tom about Brick, Pat and Moulty, and of their river trips in the 1950’s. Twelve years later, here we were, running replicas of the three 1950’s dory’s through the Canyon. Who would have thought it even possible!

We then headed to “Last Chance” camp, where overhangs provided some shelter we would very soon need. On our arrival late in the day, the sky was clear, and the downstream view to Havasu Canyon, stunning as ever. What will happen tomorrow? Well, tomorrow is another day…

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