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Day 0


We spend the day getting the boats all rigged.  After a few days of snow and cold weather, we were all very happy to see the sun.  Dave Mortenson and Tom Martin gave presentations on the the history of river boats to a crowd of 35 family and friends who came out to see us off.

We are off to the ranger briefing and if all goes well, will start our journey around 11am.


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  1. It was gloriously warm on launch day – about 30 degrees warmer than last year’s launch. Ian Elliot and I agreed that we’d been cheated and wanted our money back! It was truly a beautiful day for the send off.

    • Arnie Richards
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    • Hi Arn ! Today I Started reading the dailey trip blog thingy to get caught up. But I’m just a tad flustered because it’s all written in the first person, but I don’t know who’s writing it.
      Who is writing these dailey stories?


      • Tim Cardinale
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      • See the intro blog. Thanks for reading.

        • jaci
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  2. Very interesting info!Perfect just what I was looking for!


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